You can order your Artwork in 3 different forms -

1) A Loose Print - comes with a 1-inch border for matting, titled and signed. Ships flat or rolled in a tube depending on size and/or personal preference.

2) Matted Print - Print is matted with about a 3/8 - 1/2 inch reveal space around the white border of Print. I use Crescent Select and Museum Rag Mats in 6-ply White or 8-ply Black. You may also choose to double mat using Crescent's Suede line of Mat-boards in a 4-ply Forest Green, Marine Blue, or Chocolate Brown.

3) Framed Print - All of the above applies behind your choice of TruVue Museum or Conservation Clear Glass and Framed in any style of my Custom Handmade Hardwood Frames.

*Please refer to Archival Quality and Framing under the About section of the website for further specifics on products used and a slideshow of sample pictures!


Print Sizes/Prices

Prints from Large Format(4x5in) and Medium Format(6x7cm) Film Transparencies

8x10       -     $45

11x14      -     $75

16x20     -     $175

20x24     -     $250

The following 3 sizes are available from Large Format Transparencies only

24x30 - $350

32x40 - $650

40x50 - $850


Prints from 35mm Film Transparencies

8x12        -     $45

12x18      -     $75

16x24 - $175


Matting Sizes Guide

These dimensions are the outside of the mat (think frame opening) that I have been using. Most are standard frame openings for convenience. You may request a different or custom size as long as it works with the size of the print! Prices can fluctuate and vary greatly depending on which matting style suits you. Thusly, you must contact me for these prices based on which style(s) you are looking for.

8x10/8x12 prints           -     11x14 or 14x18 matting

11x14/12x18 prints        -     16x20 or 20x24 matting 

16x20 prints                   -     24x30 matting

20x24 prints                   -     28x34 matting


Framing Guide

4 basics to keep in mind -

1) Glass will be the same size of mat (frame opening)

2) Total frame dimensions will be approximately 6 inches (3" on each side) added to your mat size/frame opening, i.e. - a 24x30 matted piece would take up 30x36 inches of wall space. I can make thinner frame borders per request but I can only go as thin as about 1 3/4 inches for how I build them. 

3) I am currently using Curly Maple, Walnut, and Cherry Hardwoods, creating an array of looks/styles. I am open for discussion to any alternatives that you may be looking for.

4) Again, as with matting, prices vary greatly depending on wood, size, complexity of the frame style you might choose. So, you must contact me for pricing and also, I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, something beautiful!

Sample pictures - click on About section and scroll down to Archival Quality and Framing


*Let me help you! Any questions, PLEASE give me a phone call or at least email/message to go over your options and make sure you are getting exactly what you want. After all, it is a piece of Artwork that I hope will bring you years of beauty and inspiration and that you may pass down for generations!