Spring is in the Air!

         There is a feel in the air today that along with the mild warmth marks my first real notice of "it" this year.  I can't exactly put my finger on it or know how to perfectly describe it in words, but if you know what I'm getting at, I think you'll understand... Every Spring there is a day it seems, either in late March/early April where despite the fact that grass is still brown and trees are still bare, it's as if you can sense the budding pollen and the earthiness in the air.  Well, I am calling it today where I am.  And from looking ahead at the forecast, it appears as though we are going to be sustaining mild temps and plenty of rain over the next week or so, which will be just perfect to help bring forth new life!  I can feel the excitement and energy building all around.  It is almost the Earth's time to "Rise and Shine"!  Pretty soon the forests will be blooming and tiny dots of green will sprinkle the mountainsides...  With this in mind, here is a little slice of beauty to help you enjoy your weekend!

                                                                                                                    Brandon Kline

"Rise and Shine"