Greetings/one more test

         So, for the handful of you who I hope receive this who signed up quite some time ago, I do apologize... Besides being guilty of neglecting this for too long, I recently realized that I had not properly linked my email lists with my campaigns so that you would actually receive my blog posts🤦‍♂️ 

         I think I have figured out the problem and I am sending this test out to a lucky 7 of you whom I know before I add a bunch of people who have been signing up during festivals. All I ask is that if you receive this and can take a second to reply/let me know you have, I will enormously appreciate it!

         I hope this sees everyone well and to get this ship ‘a’ sailing! For your troubles, please enjoy this magnificent, big old Oak tree that stopped me in my tracks this past week while in Mammoth Cave National Park, KY :-)


My best,