Several Updates blowing around in these freakishly "Warm Winter Winds"...

Hey there everybody! 

         I've got a lot of updates I'd like to get out to you...

         First of all, if you haven't seen yet or taken an opportunity to glance over my new website, please do so, I'd really love to hear what you think! And secondly, well basically it all comes back to this website and getting myself out there on more social media and trying to make it as convenient as possible for you to connect with and follow me in whichever way floats your boat!

         So here you go - as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I have recently set up accounts on Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumbler. I have also been working on learning about blogging and getting this whole thing set up properly. I am running some tests through this weekend and hopefully all will go well, and if so, I'll be letting you know early next week that you can subscribe to me via email or RSS feed! Or, you can simply just check in here on the site, or any of the social media links. I have pretty much everything connected in every which way I have been able to thus far, so I think things are looking good! 

         Why all this you might ask??  Well, as I prepare to go into a full Festival Season this Spring through Autumn, and further follow my heart, I want to do everything I can to share the beauty of this Planet I am so passionate about and to get the word out about the Dream behind my Artwork.

         I have a lot in store, and I'll be back here soon! In the meantime, Happy browsing and enjoy this image I have yet to really share - "Warm Winter Winds"... This is from January of 2012, sunsetting on a 60 degree day. Very familiar and suitable for this crazy warm weather we have been having in Pennsylvania (and various parts of the country) this past week!

Brandon Kline

"Warm Winter Winds"