Things are looking good!

Hello friends,

         Well, after giving several days to satisfy my concerns about everything linking up properly, it appears as though all systems are go! I'm essentially writing this as one more test just to satisfy my curiosity with the MailChimp and RSS links, but I think I've got it all wired together as it should be. So, anyone reading this, if you are interested please do me a favor and try subscribing to my blog via RSS feed or email, whichever is your preference. It'll certainly help solidify my confidence that things are functioning properly and I'll greatly appreciate it! And hopefully it will help provide a little peace, beauty, and inspire adventure in your life :-)

         So, before I sign off on this and begin writing some real blogs, let me lay out navigating the website to help you find what you're looking for...

Gallery - the homepage, as simple as it gets, view the portfolio (titles appear when scrolled over on desktop version, unfortunately titles not visible on mobile devices)

Behind the Image - View the photographs preluded by their title, location, exposure specifics, and the story behind the experience. *not all stories finalized yet, uploaded as soon as ready

About - my Artist Statement, my Process, and the Archival Quality and Framing of my Artwork

Mission - my Mission Statement

Ordering Guide - a how to of options and prices for purchasing the Artwork

Adventure Album - one of my favorite parts of the site, for no real reason other than just because I treasure my experiences and want to share them with you! Sit back and enjoy a 13 minute slideshow of pics from the backcountry and from the road. Put on some of your favorite tunes and get lost, it's a good time ;-)  (you may also skip through or pause at your discretion, takes a few minutes to load on mobile but does work!)

Trail Memoirs Blog - I'm developing this to hopefully help get my voice out there and spread the word of Beautiful Nature and stand up for Her preservation.  Link to RSS feed and/or Subscribe via email at top of page or side column (bottom of page on mobile). Also, every blog will be pushed to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+

Contact - fill out the form with your message/question and submit. I'll get an email and get back to you!  Or you will also notice at the bottom of every page, there are icons that will take you directly to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, eMail, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr pages/accounts. Also, on mobile - email and phone are readily available/retractable by scrolling up or down the screen.

         I've done about everything I can think of currently and within my means to make following me and finding anything you want as accessible as possible. And please, I say this all the time, but ANY questions, thoughts, feelings, PLEASE contact me any way you choose. I WANT to help you and TALK to you about what I am passionate about!

         Alright folks, hoping to hear some feedback and next blog will something fun to kick off the adventure!  Till then, I'll leave you to contemplate the possibilities with "Dream Big"... 


"Dream Big"