The next level...

         A couple notes to send you into the weekend with...  The Sierra Club hosted event (reference my previous blog) I attended last Sunday was extremely informative and inspirational! I'll be writing more on this in weeks to come, but for now, just let me say there was a lot to learn from the forum and speakers - one thing that really stuck out to me as a starting point was trying to think locally about what you can do as opposed to trying to tackle the overwhelming "big picture."  Simple enough, it seems, but a bit of advice we can relate to many aspects of our lives and something we as humans seem to have to constantly remind ourselves of.

         And secondly, guess who was able to process all his film from last April-now?!!  Yep, I finally got to view every exposure I have made (146 to be exact!) since embarking on my new journey as an Artist!  Out of 10 rolls (10 exposures each) of medium format and 46 sheets of 4x5 large format film, I can honestly say I have been like a kid in a candy store gazing over what I believe is my strongest, best overall quality of work to date.  Spanning 24 states across the country and back from late July through early November, plus two sheets while out in the snow of Winter Storm Stella and two unfortunately overexposed sheets from last Spring, I'm speechlessly stoked and proud of the images I have been blessed to capture!!!  Especially in regards to the successful exposures made with the large format view camera, I feel Brandon Kline Wilderness & Nature Photographs will be undergoing an upgrade this year ;-)

         My utmost gratitude to Bill Ammerman for the use of his Linhof Kardan 4x5 View Camera while I gather the funds to procure my own, and to Jason Arriaga for this happenstance meeting on the rocks of the Acadian coastline and his enthusiasm for capturing and sharing this pic of me in the field! Oh and while I'm at it, Amy Shuey for her awesome design on my logo...  We all need a little help here and there to be the best we can be :-)

                                                                                                             Brandon Kline

Me, Acadia National Park, September 2016