What is remembered...

         "Far Away in Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain-peaks, lies an unmapped northwestern corner - the Crown of the Continent." - George Bird Grinnell, 1901

         Glacier National Park has had my heart from the moment I first laid my eyes upon it's majesty in the Summer of 2013.  I have been there on e separate occasions now and I can't imagine not going every year.  There are many places of indescribable beauty on this Planet, and of those I have been fortunate enough to gaze at with my own eyes, Glacier is special.  There is a spirit here that is undeniable.  Just go there and feel it for yourself.

         I have not put finishing touches on my story with this image just yet, but I'll say this right now - My hike/timing to capture this photograph without doubt put me in a potentially dangerous situation over the most grueling day of mileage I have yet to rack up as a backpacker.  But in the end, it was one of the most spiritual and peaceful experiences on the trail I have had.  I believe that, in the end, what is remembered is the accomplishments and experiences we have had and the obstacles we have overcome.  These will shape our finest memories.

         Here is the first of 3 new images I'll be sharing from my adventures this past year, leading you into the Memorial Day weekend, so keep your eyes open the next few days because you're seeing them here first!  This is just a small section of what you will be standing before if someday you make the hike up to Grinnell Glacier... :-)

                                                                                                                Brandon Kline