When it hits you...

         This past Summer, in early July, I left my job and my place of living of ten years to pursue my Artwork full-time.  I made my second cross-country adventure in as many years on a leap of faith that I could support myself from the festivals I was going to be doing.  By mid-August, I had two shows under my belt, had just spent 10 days in Glacier National Park and found myself perched on a jagged rock crop outpost in the section of Mount Rainier National Park's backcountry aptly called Sunrise, and yep I was watching the first rays of the morning sun splash the Northeastern face of this noble giant.

         Slowly, it all began to sink in and overcome me.  The craziness of what I was doing, the grandeur of the scene before me, and the overall epic scale of pretty much everything at that moment.  We all take things in differently and it is hard to say how certain situations will affect one person over another.  But when something of such gigantic proportions looms in front of you in the midst of an enormous life upheaval, when it hits you, you'll know!  I took it in for a long while on this morning... And for a long time since. :-)

                                                                                                       Brandon Kline