Tidings from Kansas...

Hello friends,

         It feels it has been quite some time, and  well it has been a couple weeks or so since I last wrote here... for this moment, suffice it to say a lot has happened since I hit the road for Denver in early June! I will post more about the adventures and mishaps on the road next week when I have more down time. Currently I am getting ready to leave a lovely campground at Clinton State Park, Kansas near Kansas City as I make my way back to Pennsylvania.

         But, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to everyone and a belated Happy Summer Solstice! I say it every year, and I don't plan on ever not, but I absolutely love this time of year, the energy and bounty of life is wonderful for the soul. I hope you all had, and are having, a great beginning to Summer!  

         As for me... I kicked off this plentiful season with my first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park! Camping the night before in Roosevelt National Forest and awaking pre-dawn to the alpenglow on Long's Peak, I made my way into the Park and to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead for roughly 7.5 miles throughout the morning, being caught in a Rocky Mountain daydream...