“Just Be Here” (part 2 of 4)

“The grand lift of the Tetons is… a primal gesture of the Earth beneath a greater sky.” - Ansel Adams

Back in the Grand Tetons National Park…
August 14th - “I caught sunrise this morning at Snake River Overlook, where Angel Adams once stood for his moody, iconic shot. Although the sky was crystal clear, the first rays of the new day sun basking the Tetons in pinkish golden glow was nothing short of spectacular! As mist looms off the Snake River amongst the forest below and silence pierces the air, I stand in the presence of grandeur.”


Yellowstone National Park…

August 16th - “I seem to have successfully re-forged my first Yellowstone backpacking visit back in 2015. By this I mean that what was done so hap-hazardously back then, I have re-traced very similar steps around Fairy Falls in the Midway Geyser Basin and in the Lamar Valley while backpacking these past few days. A little more experience, knowledge, and no shortage of good fortune have given me quite an adventure!

I camped off of the Fairy Falls trail two nights ago, enjoying a splendid hike past Grand Prismatic Spring and through young forest growth. Wispy and somewhat enchanting in appearance falling above the meadow wildflowers, I feel Fairy Falls is aptly named. That night I enjoyed the stars in the deafening quiet of the forest, so quiet in fact that it took me some time to hear past the ringing in my ears.

Enjoying camp till early afternoon the next day, I took a mid-day hike out to Imperial Geyser. As it caught my eye enough to warrant setting up my camera, after a couple exposures in dark overcast skies and rumbling thunder the storm was upon me, pelting me with sideways rain! No sooner packing up and trying to keep myself and my gear dry, the most fortuitous break in the sky happened! Clouds parted into big puffy cumuli and rays of sun basked the green hillsides and highlighted the blue, steaming water of the geyser. I raced to set back up and got two more exposures of the drama and thunder kept rumbling and the geyser blew!


I felt quite triumphant, having been hoping to witness a geyser moment worthy of capturing on film. So off I went back out the trail. Halfway back another storm let loose which began to break as I neared views of Grand Prismatic. What a remarkable moment of Nature I was treated to! Sun bathed the Grand Prismatic’s Blue steam bellowing up, highlighted the contrasting stormy skies, and a full magnificent double rainbow appeared, perfectly framing the scene!


Reveling only these miraculous moments I bore witness to, I made my way Northeast to the Lamar Valley. More storms erupted and more moments of magical light adorned my way - I note several places along the way which would be incredible sunrise/sunset viewing platforms of spectacular mountain vistas!

I arrived much later than one would like to my trailhead into the Lamar Valley, but as good fortune would have it I hiked safely here - halfway in the dark by headlamp, noticing a bison carcass not far off the trail and as thunder and lightning rode my heels! But I made it, and probably drier than had I hiked earlier through the torrential monsoons that were occurring moments before I began! As luck would have it, I was treated to a beautiful sunset glow across the valley amidst stormy skies and a safe, peaceful journey to camp.


And upon settling here, the skies were clearing, stars twinkling, and the full moon rose above me, here in the valley of the wolves. It’s glow the most mystical, enchanting silver-blue lighting the landscape around me, purifying me with pure magic in the night. These are moments one will not soon forget!


Waking at dawn this morning, I laid in my hammock watching the pale glow of sunrise slowly cutting through the blanket of mist until I felt the light was going to be quite something on the scene. I meandered down to Cache Creek, which I had also admired by moonglow and mist last night.

Taking off my shoes and socks, slowly and carefully I crossed the chilling stream, feeling quite alive! And behold the image before me of the layers of rock, creek, trees, hills, and valley! Green bathed in gold morning light upon Soda Butte with wispy cloud mist lingering atop the hills and brilliant blue skies! What peace and tranquility can be afforded those who weather the storm! I enjoyed this gaze for quite some time, imagining herds of bison, packs of wolves, a grizzly sal with cubs cresting those hills and how truly special it is to be blessed with Nature such as this!


I have since enjoyed a peaceful morning/early afternoon of hammock time, breakfast and coffee, reading and writing in this awesome campsite! As if I didn’t know before, but I am gaining the appreciation one gets by time spent in the backcountry for how truly spectacular this place is, Yellowstone. Time to hike on and see if perhaps the bison are out grazing in the sunny meadows after last evenings drenching… which seemed to affect them not, haha!


August 20th - catching you on my hike out of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone - “my hike out was a pure Summer daydream. The sun-soaked meadow, blue skies, and white puffy cumuli painted Mother Nature in such perfect Summer splendor! And yes, the bison were grazing in plenty. On my hike, the main herd was down the valley from me a distance but a few stragglers ventured to pass pretty close by me. And on the drive out of the Northeast section towards Tower-Roosevelt, they were abundant to say the least! Herd after herd as you looked left and right throughout Lamar! Grazing, frolicking, running and rolling around in the dirt, such a scene for the memory!


Shortly before getting back to the trailhead, I had stopped for one more photograph. Where the lush grasses and marshy water had caught my eye the evening before, in the face of Druid Peak rising high above in this valley of the wolves!


“Torches Ablaze”

A belated Happy Autumn Equinox to everyone! I just wanted to take a minute to pay homage to the passing of the torch from Summer to Autumn and then will be getting back to part 2 of my story in progress tomorrow.
This image is from my home state of Pennsylvania, Ricketts Glen State Park to be precise. Known for its waterfalls, Ricketts also has a lot of other natural beauty to offer as you can see! I learned early on in my visits to this Park that Fall color comes quickly on the mountain tops in this Northeastern region of the state. I recommend visiting late September/early October for the higher elevations around this neck of the woods if leaf peeping is what you come for. Color does work it’s way down the glens and mountainsides through October but up top the Sugar and Red Maples of Red Rock Mountain blaze like beacons to let us know one of Mother Nature’s grandest shows of the year is upon us!
On this particular late September evening from several years ago, the conditions were incredible as the fiery maples glowed like “Torches Ablaze” in the last golden light of sundown! I can still feel the crisp air and the smell of Autumn standing there. I camped in the Park that night and after a prolonged pink sunset glow along with waxing crescent moon, coyotes shrieked and wailed in the distance. Such sights and sounds of the season, and it’s only September still I thought…

Alongside sharing the rest of my Summer adventure with you I also have a few new image releases and Autumn favorites to highlight as we enter this spectacular season. Until next time, “Torches Ablaze”!

“Torches Ablaze” - Brandon Kline

“Torches Ablaze” - Brandon Kline

“To Last a Lifetime”

As I am working on compiling a breakdown of images and journal entries to share from my adventure out West, I wanted to take a moment to highlight this photograph from my collection, as it’s been on my mind a lot lately. It does, after all come from right around this time of year…

“It was myself, my brother and our father, in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park for the first time and the first time my brother and I got our Dad out backpacking!  It was truly unique experiencing these beautiful Appalachian Mountains on this grand of a scale and just how bio-diverse these ancient Smokies really are!  

Despite being one of the wettest and dampest adventures overall that I have experienced, and thusly being a bit of a damper for our father, it was nonetheless an amazing experience traversing through different climate zones and such a variety of forest types. From mixed deciduous hardwoods, through rhododendron tunnels (which we dubbed “the enchanted emerald forest”), and up to huge Hemlock realms we hiked. 

This image is, to me, a beautiful representation to sum up our adventure.  The photograph was taken right beside our camping location on a mid-September's late afternoon.  To my companions chagrin (haha!), the fog really made the atmosphere for me, creeping through this dense forest of towering Hemlocks and Red Maples.  As I was setting up my camera, my brother was asking me where exactly I was going to hang my hammock...  “Oh, you mean using that dead tree there?” he asked.  “Ahh I’m sure it’s fine” I responded.  Eeeeerrrrrrrr, BOOM!  About 30 feet to my right, a tree fell over...  No one hurt, laughs all around, and needless to say I reconsidered my sleeping placement.  

We soon got a fire going to warm the spirit and later were serenaded to sleep by the chattering katydids and crickets in a thundering echo like I have never heard before... It all still rings so loud in my mind. Much like the ancients dwelling here, memories were made "to last a lifetime."

“To Last a Lifetime” - Brandon Kline

“To Last a Lifetime” - Brandon Kline

“Life from Death”/New Image Release

Greetings folks and welcome many newcomers from my adventure this past month! I’m just recently getting back home from an amazing trip out West during the month of August and I’m settling back in and catching up on life a bit…

First and foremost, here is that “official new image release” I mentioned several weeks ago! Apologies, but posting proved to be quite difficult from many of the places I found myself😉 So, although this is not brand new to many of you who have seen me recently and has already made its way into a handful of homes😁 , it’s time the rest of you get a peek at “Life from Death”, photographed deep in the backcountry of Glacier National Park in August 2016.

While I am still working out the finished story to accompany this image, let me just hint how the title not only plays off of the lushly growing wildflower meadows which are a result of the wildfire burn that once occurred here, but also the experience I was having during this 10 day stint in Glacier. On many occurrences I remember thinking to myself, what a fine line that separates life from death can be, and how ultimately the inherent beauty can outweigh the inherent danger of a situation…

I am going to leave you to chew on that for now, while I contemplate what else I wish to include behind this photograph.

As for the adventure I just had - keep your eyes on your emails over the next few weeks folks! Very soon following this post, you are going to be receiving information about a “promotion”, if you will, I have been inspired to offer during this time. And I have been writing a lot, not to mention exposing a pretty fair amount of film, which I am pretty excited to share glimpses of with you!😉

“Life from Death” - Brandon Kline

“Life from Death” - Brandon Kline

“Thunderous Wonders”/New Image Release!

Hey folks, and welcome many newcomers that just signed up this past weekend! I just wanted to take a moment to share this new image release (which you have seen if you visited my booth last weekend😁) with you…

Whew, it is getting hot here in the Northeast (and much of the country I gather) this weekend! So I thought in light of that, hopefully this wonderful waterfall can help mentally cool you down!

I photographed this scene in late May 2018 right here in Pennsylvania’s own Ricketts Glen State Park! If you’ve never been, you should😉 Boasting 22 named waterfalls, you can see 21 of them on about a 3.5-4 mile circuit hike that takes you across, down, and back up two glens and includes some of Pennsylvania’s finest natural beauty. Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1968, Ricketts Glen is well worth your visit… and waterfalls are just a part of the wonder here - many more miles of mountain trails, lakes, and Old Growth Hemlock Forest await!

I have spent many a day in Ricketts Glen in all Seasons over the past several years and I have never seen it like I did on this occasion! Adequate snow melt and the wettest Winter/Spring on record had this Park booming in high flood!!! The day itself was a dream to be a part of - clearing heavy storms, mist and fog created an ethereal forest dripping and teeming with life, oozing it in every inch. I could feel it in each breath, succumbed to the deafening gush of these “Thunderous Wonders” all around me! To say I was stoked on Nature this day is putting it mildly!😉😁

“Thunderous Wonders” - Brandon Kline

“Thunderous Wonders” - Brandon Kline

Happy Summer Solstice!/“Basking in the Glow”

         Hello friends! It’s been quite some time since my last post, since Earth Day back in April actually, wow... suffice it to say that life has been pretty crazy busy, but rest assured that I still have plenty to share and update and many things in the works!😉 

         Speaking of which, I need to get back at it, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to hopefully brighten everyone’s day and let you know in the coming weeks, there will be much happening! In the meantime, wishing everyone an awesome Summer Solstice, time to bask in the glow of the long days of plenty... 

          “I have backpacked, camped, and hiked throughout Shenandoah National Park at least a dozen times over the past 3 years.  Living in Pennsylvania, it has become my "backyard" National Park, if you will. Growing up in and around the Appalachian Mountains my entire life, I'll never forget that first experience of entering the gates of Shenandoah on Skyline Drive and how, all of a sudden, everything just looked and felt different.  I think it's a testament to just how pristine our National Parks are! And to this day, it never ceases to amaze me, that feeling I get as soon as I enter Shenandoah, that suddenly, things are just truer, just better.  It may not have the scale of some Western National Parks, but at close to 200,000 acres of mountainous forests and with forty percent of that beingfederally designated Wilderness, believe me, this place is pure Mother Nature! I learn something new, and have countless wildlife experiences every time I am here.  This image is one of many I have captured in my Shenandoah adventures, and represents just a slice of the splendor which awaits!  Photographed in early June 2014, I decided to hike down to see Lewis Falls for the first time as the sun was setting before heading to set up camp for the night.  It was breathtaking...  Thesetting sun was angled right into the hollowed out ridge line basking the falls and cliffside in its glow! Perched high on the facing overlook cliff, I set up and fired off a few exposures just before the sun was down and the light had passed. What an exhilarating moment I remember it being on that warm June evening! I sat and enjoyed twilight a bit before hiking back up the mile and a half and then off to find my camp spot by the light of my headlamp.  All the while, thinking what a day it had been.”


“Basking in the Glow” 

Happy Earth Day/“Innocence”

         I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely Easter weekend with friends, family, loved ones and/or doing something they love! And a Happy Earth Day, and not to mention that Easter Sunday was also John Muir’s Birthday (April 21st) AND Saturday began National Parks Week which runs through Sunday April 28th, wow what a time of the season!  

         As you read this, I myself will be doing something that has become kind of a Spring rite of passage for myself to honor National Parks Week and Earth day. I will be backpacking for a couple days in Shenandoah National Park! :-)  I am giving up Easter with family and missing my beautiful girlfriend, Anna, unfortunately this year. But as life has been a whirlwind for weeks now, I felt very strongly about getting out and re-connecting with Nature for a few days. And I think timing is going to be incredible this year as weather has really been coordinating with Mother Nature to produce a gorgeous steady progression of Spring blossoms here in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic!

         I will have more on my Shenandoah adventure and what it means to me when I return. But for now, i will leave you to appreciate perhaps my favorite Spring photograph to date, “Innocence”. This is not from Shenandoah, but rather from another ritual I have every Spring which is visiting my Dad and the wonderful woods along the ridge where he lives. They are abundant with Redbuds, Dogwoods and Cherry Blossoms, making Spring bloom time prime time😁 

         The year I photographed this image, things were happening unusually early in the season, the Redbuds were popping late March into early April, about 2-4 weeks ahead of a more normal blooming period. But I happened to be there on such a perfect day. And in the glorious sunlight of mid-morning I stood staring up and around at a sea of pink and purple popping out amongst the dots of bright green and a crystal clear blue sky that I can only describe as heavenly. How innocent it all looks is what I remember thinking to myself. So fresh and pure and new. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, a true symbol of the rejuvenation of spirit this season brings!


“Innocence”   -   Brandon Kline

“May Your Spirit Be the Guide”

          It was early May in 2012 and upon my return home from a life changing backpacking adventure with my brother in South Carolina, I found myself reflecting on many things...

         As much as I was becoming obsessed with nature photography, I had never really before been out for much more than day hikes or leisurely strolls close to home. And now, I had just driven through the entirety of Shenandoah National Park twice, a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and camped out for two nights backpacking on the Foothills Trail, SC - all over the course of one week!

         With one evening left before going back to work, I decided to drive out to Poe Paddy State Park about an hour from my house to see if this Dogwood (that is barely even prominent the way this evening turned out) might still be flowering.

         You see, the evening before I set out on that South Carolina adventure, I had come to this very spot. Spring blooms had come extremely early this year after a mild Winter and a warmer than average March and April. By mid-late April most areas were predominately green. The exception being higher elevation mountain settings such as this which were still in the budding and blooming stage late April/early May.

         Then out of nowhere came a freak late April snowstorm dumping roughly six inches on all that fresh green! Albeit beautiful but disconcerting with all those delicate blooms! It melted considerably fast though with warming temps the next day and the remaining blossoms had survived. Unfortunately that first evening I was here, I had lost the light to attempt a good photograph.  So it had been stirring in me, wondering if I might still have a chance of this Dogwood being in bloom a week later...

         Miraculously, it was!  A precarious hop, skip, and a jump across some rocks put me out on the Big Poe Creek in great position.  Balancing on a rock, trying not lose my gear or myself in the water, this ethereal fog began creeping in and consuming the mountains at sunset. I snapped the shutter.  And in this moment of awe at Mother Nature's unpredictable beauty, I rationalized all the events in my life over the past 9 months - that made me question so many things about happiness, passion, and how we move forward - which led me to this adventure and to this moment of clarity.  I listened to my heart and let my spirit guide me and I've been doing my best to do so ever since.


“May Your Spirit Be the Guide”   -   Brandon Kline

“Rise and Shine”

         It’s officially Springtime, belated Vernal Equinox greetings! Though for many of us there could still be some downright cold and blustery conditions for a few weeks yet, there is no denying the turn of the tides. More day than night, inevitable warmer temperatures will creep in and nature will rejuvenate itself!

         Rejuvenate has long been one of my favorite words to describe the Spring season. I feel it perfectly encompasses the excitement and energy of the growing strength of the Sun, the milder air, and the buds and blooms that will begin to abound in just a matter of time!

         It is truly delightful witnessing this re-birth and feeling the rejuvenation of spirit along with Mother Nature. As with all cycles of the Seasons, I try my best to be present in and appreciate this miraculous return of life as fleeting is the fragile beauty of these flowers and before our eyes the forests will be lush and green again. I am starting to witness very subtle signs in the region I live - birds are returning and becoming ever more vocal and tiny buds are growing on the early bloomers. Yes, a matter of time before the first flowers emerge and signal it is time to “Rise and Shine”!


“Rise and Shine” - Brandon Kline

A Farewell to Winter

         Hard to believe the first official day of Spring is only 3 days away! Although I know a lot of folks out West and Midwest had some crazy Winter weather last week, we here in Pennsylvania got a taste of the warmer days ahead with mid-high 60’s late last week. My girlfriend and I built a fire and grilled on it Friday evening. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t feel pretty good and get me a bit excited for the next Season!               

         One of the things I love most about living in this part of the country is that we have 4 definitive Seasons and I love living in each one. Even if I’m a bit nostalgic for one as it passes, I am ready to revel in the next one once we get into it!

         So, before I go all out Spring, here are a handful of some of my favorite hiking moments from February and the first half of March to honor these last couple days of official Winter... 


“Warm Winter Winds”

         Although, I have to say I’m not completely done with Winter yet, the slight warm up and time change today has begun to get me a bit excited for Spring! Longer days, warmer air and fresh blooms are always  a refreshing burst after a Wintery Winter... and by that I mean that there has been adequate snow, cold, and some harsh, challenging conditions to add to the heartiness of our being! 

         I’ve been able to get out a good bit these past couple weeks and enjoy what may be Winter’s last real breath (though you never know😉)! While I compile some of my favorite moments to share with you - probably later this week - here is one from my collection that I seldom publish to enjoy in the meantime...

         Today here in central Pennsylvania had me thinking about this image. Even though it was photographed on January 31st (back in 2012 which was a Winter that wasn’t in this part of the world), I have always felt it has a very Marchish feel to it. As I just mentioned, that Winter was hardly one to fit my definition of a real Winter. I can recall this late January evening being in the low 60’s despite the heavy breezes - weather one might associate more with the clash of late Winter/early Spring in this neck of the woods. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful sunset I felt worthy of breaking out the camera for :-)  


“Warm Winter Winds”   -   Brandon Kline

“Ice, Kissed by Fire”

          Another round of snow and ice is on tap for us here in the Northeast! It has me thinking of this image from my collection, an oldie but a goodie! This goes back to 2011, February 23rd of that year to be exact, and one of my first perfect exposures after transitioning from my Olympus 35mm to my Mamiya RB67 medium-format film camera...

         I can recall several snow storms followed by ice, sleet, and freezing rain this particular Winter which left the deciduous forests of the mountains a magical icy wonderland.  When I left my house about an hour and a half before dawn that morning, it was 0 degrees.  The mile plus hike on the mountain top was invigorating to say the least!  As I got set to await the Sun's greeting, winds were whipping hard, reading well into the negatives I'm sure.  But the moment that giant fireball peaked over the horizon and lit the icy branches in front of me aglow, I felt nothing but its beautiful warmth.  The magic lasted only a few seconds, but wow am I glad I was out there for this one!


“Ice, Kissed by Fire”   -   Brandon Kline

A Winter’s Dream

From my journal - January 30th, 1:09am

Alder Brook Cottage, A Tiny House in the Woods of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont

         These past few days have been something out of a pure Snow White Winter dream, void of time and space. I don’t think my words can or will really ever be able to comprehend its beauty. Chalk it up to being just part of Vermont’s rustic charm. 

         Anna and I arrived in Vermont Saturday evening January 26th after spending the day on the road from our Pennsylvania home with a pit-stop to deliver my artwork for a family in Massachusetts. We found Kingdom Taproom in Saint Johnsbury for dinner and local brews before getting to the Inn by the River in Hardwick, VT. A lovely little Inn in the quaintest little town, the likes I am convinced only New England can produce. On the morning of the 27th, we dined at the Village Restaurant, reveling in our Jasper Benedicts - eggs Benedict covered in one of the world’s best cheese-makers Jasper Hill cheese sauce! All the while, snow falling down on this beautiful, charming town as we watched out the window.

         After picking up our firewood and a few other things, we arrived... facing a rolling ridge dense with Spruce, Cedar, and Birch, our Tiny Home Cabin awaited as we carried our supplies across the little bridge, up the rocky snow covered steps and through the forest. The fact that it snowed that entire day and evening upon our arrival only added to the quintessential Vermontness of our adventure!

         These three days have been everything one could want Winter in Vermont to be... Snow, fresh powder sticking to the Evergreens and Hardwoods. Cold, crisp clean air. Single digits to negatives in crystal clear blue skies and a dark, rich star filled night. Sitting by the wood-stove, cozy and warm with my love. Eating world-class cheeses, drinking world-class beers. Cooking meats, grilled sandwiches, and beef stew all upon the wood fire stove. Playing Scrabble, reading and drinking coffee and tea while eating Maple cookies. Relaxing, reconnecting.

         Snow, falling down again. Sparkling diamond-dusted snowflakes adding inches to the feet already piling up upon the forest floor. Hiking, or rather trudging, through ankle-high, knee-high, waist-high snow depending how deep I might fall in with each step. I explored the forest of this ridge amongst blissful quiet, peace, and solitude. It makes one feel like a kid again, buried this deep in snow and calming silence amongst this wooded Winter Wonderland. It all seems like a dream...

         Yet, I have the accutest awareness that I am living it, living this life. This snow-draped dream, one of magic in this Kingdom of Winter. 


Winter Delights

         It’s been a busy week, but I was able to get out twice since last Saturday, January 19th, to enjoy the snow accompanied with Winter Storm Harper. On Saturday, just as the storm was beginning to drop significant snow, I reveled in a 2 mile hike from Galbraith Gap to Three Bridges Trail and back in Tussey Mountain.

         It was magical, delightful, just flat out awesome to be out in it while the snow was coming down! Although it was late afternoon until I embarked, I thoroughly enjoyed the Wintery stroll through twilight and into the dark, loving the cold air and snow upon my face.

         It is tough sometimes, dependent on the timing of the storm, to get out and have fun in the snowfall itself given the snow removal work that I do. (Well, I enjoy that too to be honest! :-)) But I hope to embrace more moments such as this as Winter rolls on... 

         After a good 19.5 hours of solid work removing snow on Sunday the 20th, then salting in the -18 degree wind chills of Monday the 21st and a blissful rest that night, I found a Winter Wonderland of a trail on the Jean Aaron Path from Bear Meadows Natural Area on Tuesday January 22nd! Trudging my way across the frozen swamp and rhododendron thicket from parking to the trail, I found myself amidst towering Hemlocks beckoning with their snow draped cloaks.

         I exposed my first two sheets of film in 2019 and despite the onset of dusk, decided to meander the 1.4 mile out and back through a forest full of Evergreen eye candy while the stars of the Winter sky twinkled high above. 


First Snowfall, First Hike of the New Year!

         We had our first snowfall of the young year here in central Pennsylvania this past Saturday night into Sunday morning, January 12th-13th! It may not have been anything crazy, but it provided about an inch to cover the ground and dust the tree branches with fluffy white powder.

         Subsequently, I got out for my first hike of the year as well on Sunday afternoon! Driving deep into Rothrock State Forest during a magical snow squall, I enjoyed a wonderous two and a half mile jaunt around Alan Seeger Natural Area, a first for me! (To all you locals - I know, and I am ashamed of this :-))

         For years I have heard of the magnificence and big, old-growth beauty of Alan Seeger. And again, it’s just another one of those places right in my back yard I had yet to explore. ..

         Well, I finally have and I immediately fell in love!  Amongst the abundant pine and fir trees, tower the predominant old Eastern Hemlocks with thick Oaks and other mixed hardwoods. Add Rhododendron tunnels galore and the most peaceful, crystal clear stream and this freshly snow dusted forest was nothing short of enchanting! It is a perfect Winter Wonderland full of Evergreen delights, and I believe I shall be going back often...


“A Thundering Silence”

         Six years ago this very day, I awoke for an hour long pre-dawn drive into the mountains in the hopes of the clearing storm creating some magic sunrise light...

         I ended up with my car stuck in the snow and with about a half-mile hoofing as fast as I could up the ridge line to where I needed to be. I can still hear the crunch of the frozen snow beneath my feet, feel the pounding of my heart and recall my excitement level ready to explode as I hurriedly set up in a thundering silence to capture the erupting glow of this moment. The stillness and deafening quiet of a Winter’s dawn after snowfall in the mountains never ceases to fill me with wonderous joy.

         The grand show lasted only a few minutes as pre-dawn’s breathtaking display gave way to more clouds and walls of gray. What I arrived just in time to witness, though, was nothing short of Nature’s magic.

         Side Note - This photograph is also January’s image in my Nature’s Grandeur 2019 Wall Calendar. I’m still taking orders for anyone still in want or need of a little monthly inspiration and organization! I also want to remind anyone who’s been kicking it around yet, that there are just a few days left to take advantage of my Holiday Savings offer! Use the link for details -


I hope everyone is having a brilliant start to the New Year! 


“A Thundering Silence”   -   Brandon Kline

A Year in the Life of a Forest

         In honor of the ending of 2018 and the beginning of a New Year, I thought I would share an accomplishment I am very proud of. I didn’t actually set out on this at the beginning of the year, rather it came to me probably about half-way in when I realized I had hiked on this same trail system every calendar month so far at that point. And I decided to make it a point to continue to see this little neck of woods at least once every month throughout 2018. And with a hike just the other day, I made good on my goal!

         Where, you ask? Well, it is a trail system easily accessible from Tussey Mountain near State College, PA. The trailhead connects to several different trails heading several different ways throughout Tussey Mountain, Rothrock State Forest, and Bear Meadows Natural Area, to name a few! This past January was the first time I ever stepped foot on any of these trails (believe it or not as it is so close to where I live!) And they came to be a great way for me to easily get out and enjoy Nature while keeping myself in good backpacking shape throughout the year! Galbraith Gap to the Lonberger Path to Three Bridges (out and back) to Spruce Gap, up to the Mid-State Trail became a sort of 3-5 mile, 800-1,100 foot elevation ascent/descent Mantra for me over the changing Seasons depending on how far I would explore each hike.

         Of the 184.9 logged miles I hiked/backpacked this year, almost 72 of them came on these trails. I just got done compiling 12 of my favorite moments, one to represent each month (and trust me, for more months than not, this was not an easy task for me!) Choosing one for each month just doesn’t seem to do justice to all the diversity and beauty I saw just within a 5 mile stretch of forest and mountain. I can confirm, though, that this excercise is an amazing way to begin truly recognizing Nature’s constant, changing (sometimes drastic and sometimes ever so subtle) Life Cycle. I could go on for quite some time about things I would notice day to day or week to week or month to month...

         Instead, I’ll just close by saying 2018 has been full of both accomplishments and “wish I could have done’s,” but overall I take a lot of good learned lessons from the year and I look to 2019 to grow and build on those, as I set my sights on many new adventures!  Ok, you may look at the pictures now... a few of which you just may see in the future as actual photographs ;-)

         I hope everyone’s Holiday Season has been truly brilliant and wishing a Happy New Year to you all! 



Howling at January’s Cold, Super Moon


Deep in a February Snow Storm


Admiring a Brilliant March Sunset After Fresh Snow


Damp, Earthy, Fresh April Fog


Vibrant Spring Green in May


Summer Solstice Evening Light on June’s Lush Green Forest and Mountain Laurel


Teeming Mid-Summer Forest with Rhododendron Blooms and Fireflies about to Glow in July


Blazing, Yet Waning Summer Sunset on the Forest in August


September’s Still Lush, but Slowly Fading Forest


Autumn’s Hues Aglow in the October Setting Sun


A Stunner Still Remains Amongst the Falling November Leaves


Clinging Snow in Higher Elevations on an Evergreen Lined December Pathway

Warm Holiday Wishes

         I’d just like to express my gratitude to all of my friends, family, and collectors out there for all of your love and support! I couldn’t do what I do without you!

          I hope your Holidays are warm and bright and wishing each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas!!!🎄 😁

                                                  -  Brandon


2019 Nature’s Grandeur Calendar

         Looking for a little bit of Nature’s Inspiration for the upcoming year? Well, I am proud to present my first ever, self-designed Wall Calendar, which I am titling Nature’s Grandeur! I have completely designed every bit of this calendar myself and with the help of a local printing company, I can happily share it with you!

         The calendar is 8.5x11 inches, showcasing the beauty each month of the year has to offer (and with a few exceptions, photographs have been taken in the proper corresponding month, those that aren’t are very close)! I also had some fun researching significant dates and the calendar has several fun, noteworthy (in my opinion) observances to coincide with traditional federal and religious dates.  What about Moon Phases you ask?... Yep got ‘em! Add a little biographical info, Artist Statement tidbits, and a few pics of me doing what I love and that’s it in a nutshell. 

         The 2019 Nature’s Grandeur Wall Calendar is $17.50 flat rate (shipping factored into cost). Just give me a call or shoot me an email to place your order! I am accepting orders until January 11th, to coincide with my Holiday Savings Print sale! Below is the direct link for more information on the Artwork Discounts -




Winter Solstice Tidings!

          I sure hope some of you in various parts of the country that see this are having a more Wintery Solstice Day than we are here in Pennsylvania! It is pouring rain and temps are to hit high 50’s, even low 60’s in some parts. I’d gladly trade that in for feet of snow and high teens to low 30’s for this time of year! Oh well, it is to cool back down to closer to average in another day, Christmas looks crisp, and snow is seeming a possibility towards the New Year!

         I know for a lot of folks, Winter just isn’t “your thing” and that is ok. To each their own. Let me impart this upon you though - I have come to feel as I’ve grown older, an appreciation for Winter that rivals the excitement of snow days when I was a kid. What better time of year to allow yourself to slow down, not feel guilty about being cozy on the couch in pajamas reading books and watching movies? Maybe even beside a fireplace if you’re lucky! :-) Winter is a Season for the comforts of home. And at the same time, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast like me, it is a wonderful time to get out and experience peace and solitude like no other. Not to mention keep yourself in great shape for the upcoming Spring! Tell me, how much more comforting can the warmth of home get after a day out in the Winter elements?!

         What can I say, I love the best each Season has to offer... and to me, for Winter, that is cold, snowy, harsh, yet magically beautiful conditions! Something like this, that I, with childlike anticipation, awoke to one fine Christmas Morning! :-)

Wishing you all the Happiest Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas🎄❄️🌕☃️ 


“Christmas Morning”   -   Brandon Kline