“Rise and Shine”

         It’s officially Springtime, belated Vernal Equinox greetings! Though for many of us there could still be some downright cold and blustery conditions for a few weeks yet, there is no denying the turn of the tides. More day than night, inevitable warmer temperatures will creep in and nature will rejuvenate itself!

         Rejuvenate has long been one of my favorite words to describe the Spring season. I feel it perfectly encompasses the excitement and energy of the growing strength of the Sun, the milder air, and the buds and blooms that will begin to abound in just a matter of time!

         It is truly delightful witnessing this re-birth and feeling the rejuvenation of spirit along with Mother Nature. As with all cycles of the Seasons, I try my best to be present in and appreciate this miraculous return of life as fleeting is the fragile beauty of these flowers and before our eyes the forests will be lush and green again. I am starting to witness very subtle signs in the region I live - birds are returning and becoming ever more vocal and tiny buds are growing on the early bloomers. Yes, a matter of time before the first flowers emerge and signal it is time to “Rise and Shine”!


“Rise and Shine” - Brandon Kline

Greetings, Spring!

         Brrrr!  Haha, yep that sounds about right for the beginning of Spring in the Northeast!  Well although it is brisk, it is nonetheless a beautiful, crisp sunny day here in central Pennsylvania.  And since I wasn't able to wish you all a Happy Vernal Equinox on Monday, I just wanted to write a quick message to say welcome Spring since it is official now.  Despite the chilly winds, there is no denying the strengthening of the Sun, as we have turned the tides on day versus night in its direction.  And if you look closely you can notice that many trees are beginning to sprout their tiny buds at the end of their limbs!  I have felt for some time now, that from a distance, especially in large groups and on mountainsides, this gives the appearance of a fuzz like effect to the tree branches.  And at what other time of the year can you have a foot plus snowstorm practically disappear into the ground in a matter of days despite temperatures only a few degrees above freezing?!  Certainly not in the heart of Winter.  Yes, you can certainly see that nature is beginning to look and feel and little bit different.

         Here are a few pics that I've snapped while out and about and around over the past week that document a little bit of nature returning to life...

                                                                                                                Brandon Kline