“Thunderous Wonders”/New Image Release!

Hey folks, and welcome many newcomers that just signed up this past weekend! I just wanted to take a moment to share this new image release (which you have seen if you visited my booth last weekend😁) with you…

Whew, it is getting hot here in the Northeast (and much of the country I gather) this weekend! So I thought in light of that, hopefully this wonderful waterfall can help mentally cool you down!

I photographed this scene in late May 2018 right here in Pennsylvania’s own Ricketts Glen State Park! If you’ve never been, you should😉 Boasting 22 named waterfalls, you can see 21 of them on about a 3.5-4 mile circuit hike that takes you across, down, and back up two glens and includes some of Pennsylvania’s finest natural beauty. Designated a National Natural Landmark in 1968, Ricketts Glen is well worth your visit… and waterfalls are just a part of the wonder here - many more miles of mountain trails, lakes, and Old Growth Hemlock Forest await!

I have spent many a day in Ricketts Glen in all Seasons over the past several years and I have never seen it like I did on this occasion! Adequate snow melt and the wettest Winter/Spring on record had this Park booming in high flood!!! The day itself was a dream to be a part of - clearing heavy storms, mist and fog created an ethereal forest dripping and teeming with life, oozing it in every inch. I could feel it in each breath, succumbed to the deafening gush of these “Thunderous Wonders” all around me! To say I was stoked on Nature this day is putting it mildly!😉😁

“Thunderous Wonders” - Brandon Kline

“Thunderous Wonders” - Brandon Kline