“Life from Death”/New Image Release

Greetings folks and welcome many newcomers from my adventure this past month! I’m just recently getting back home from an amazing trip out West during the month of August and I’m settling back in and catching up on life a bit…

First and foremost, here is that “official new image release” I mentioned several weeks ago! Apologies, but posting proved to be quite difficult from many of the places I found myself😉 So, although this is not brand new to many of you who have seen me recently and has already made its way into a handful of homes😁 , it’s time the rest of you get a peek at “Life from Death”, photographed deep in the backcountry of Glacier National Park in August 2016.

While I am still working out the finished story to accompany this image, let me just hint how the title not only plays off of the lushly growing wildflower meadows which are a result of the wildfire burn that once occurred here, but also the experience I was having during this 10 day stint in Glacier. On many occurrences I remember thinking to myself, what a fine line that separates life from death can be, and how ultimately the inherent beauty can outweigh the inherent danger of a situation…

I am going to leave you to chew on that for now, while I contemplate what else I wish to include behind this photograph.

As for the adventure I just had - keep your eyes on your emails over the next few weeks folks! Very soon following this post, you are going to be receiving information about a “promotion”, if you will, I have been inspired to offer during this time. And I have been writing a lot, not to mention exposing a pretty fair amount of film, which I am pretty excited to share glimpses of with you!😉

“Life from Death” - Brandon Kline

“Life from Death” - Brandon Kline