Rapid Progression

         Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw this out there before my next installment... My previous post (A Light in the Dark, part 2 of 3) featuring my photograph “Let Your Light Shine” showed up in my emails junk folder. So, I thought I’d write this in the event that anyone who sees this and perhaps missed one of the two previous, or both, to be sure to check your spam/junk folder! 

          That being said, look for part 3 in another day or two! But in the meantime, since you’re here after all, check this out... if you think things can’t happen fast when it comes to Autumn’s color charge, think again! These are taken 5 days in a row, from this past Thursday(Novemeber 1st) to today(Monday, November 5th). This big, beautiful Norway Maple sits right across the street from my childhood home and has provided many a wonderful memory in all seasons throughout my life :-)


Thursday, November 1st


Friday, November 2nd


Saturday, November 3rd


Sunday, November 4th


Monday, November 5th(wide scene) 


Monday, November 5th(close up)