“Warm Winter Winds”

         Although, I have to say I’m not completely done with Winter yet, the slight warm up and time change today has begun to get me a bit excited for Spring! Longer days, warmer air and fresh blooms are always  a refreshing burst after a Wintery Winter... and by that I mean that there has been adequate snow, cold, and some harsh, challenging conditions to add to the heartiness of our being! 

         I’ve been able to get out a good bit these past couple weeks and enjoy what may be Winter’s last real breath (though you never know😉)! While I compile some of my favorite moments to share with you - probably later this week - here is one from my collection that I seldom publish to enjoy in the meantime...

         Today here in central Pennsylvania had me thinking about this image. Even though it was photographed on January 31st (back in 2012 which was a Winter that wasn’t in this part of the world), I have always felt it has a very Marchish feel to it. As I just mentioned, that Winter was hardly one to fit my definition of a real Winter. I can recall this late January evening being in the low 60’s despite the heavy breezes - weather one might associate more with the clash of late Winter/early Spring in this neck of the woods. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful sunset I felt worthy of breaking out the camera for :-)  


“Warm Winter Winds”   -   Brandon Kline