The other side...

         As a boy from the Northeast, when I was younger I always dreamed of seeing California and the Pacific Coast by the city lights of Los Angeles and the Santa Monica mountains as the ideal way to see "the other side" for the first time.  Well a lot changed over the years in terms of the man I have become and what my idea of ideal is.  The mountains, forests, and the call of wilderness has replaced city lights and hustle bustle.  

         This past Summer, at the age of 39, I finally saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, far away from any lights other than those of the campfires on the beach and the endless sea of stars in the night sky, along the coastline of Olympic National Park... And I wouldn't trade that experience for any other I could have had!  For this boy from the Northeast, here is my first look at "the other side." :-)

         Happy Memorial Day friends, enjoy the kick off to Summertime fun and adventures!!!

                                                                                                        Brandon Kline