A Winter’s Dream

From my journal - January 30th, 1:09am

Alder Brook Cottage, A Tiny House in the Woods of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont

         These past few days have been something out of a pure Snow White Winter dream, void of time and space. I don’t think my words can or will really ever be able to comprehend its beauty. Chalk it up to being just part of Vermont’s rustic charm. 

         Anna and I arrived in Vermont Saturday evening January 26th after spending the day on the road from our Pennsylvania home with a pit-stop to deliver my artwork for a family in Massachusetts. We found Kingdom Taproom in Saint Johnsbury for dinner and local brews before getting to the Inn by the River in Hardwick, VT. A lovely little Inn in the quaintest little town, the likes I am convinced only New England can produce. On the morning of the 27th, we dined at the Village Restaurant, reveling in our Jasper Benedicts - eggs Benedict covered in one of the world’s best cheese-makers Jasper Hill cheese sauce! All the while, snow falling down on this beautiful, charming town as we watched out the window.

         After picking up our firewood and a few other things, we arrived... facing a rolling ridge dense with Spruce, Cedar, and Birch, our Tiny Home Cabin awaited as we carried our supplies across the little bridge, up the rocky snow covered steps and through the forest. The fact that it snowed that entire day and evening upon our arrival only added to the quintessential Vermontness of our adventure!

         These three days have been everything one could want Winter in Vermont to be... Snow, fresh powder sticking to the Evergreens and Hardwoods. Cold, crisp clean air. Single digits to negatives in crystal clear blue skies and a dark, rich star filled night. Sitting by the wood-stove, cozy and warm with my love. Eating world-class cheeses, drinking world-class beers. Cooking meats, grilled sandwiches, and beef stew all upon the wood fire stove. Playing Scrabble, reading and drinking coffee and tea while eating Maple cookies. Relaxing, reconnecting.

         Snow, falling down again. Sparkling diamond-dusted snowflakes adding inches to the feet already piling up upon the forest floor. Hiking, or rather trudging, through ankle-high, knee-high, waist-high snow depending how deep I might fall in with each step. I explored the forest of this ridge amongst blissful quiet, peace, and solitude. It makes one feel like a kid again, buried this deep in snow and calming silence amongst this wooded Winter Wonderland. It all seems like a dream...

         Yet, I have the accutest awareness that I am living it, living this life. This snow-draped dream, one of magic in this Kingdom of Winter. 


Winter Delights

         It’s been a busy week, but I was able to get out twice since last Saturday, January 19th, to enjoy the snow accompanied with Winter Storm Harper. On Saturday, just as the storm was beginning to drop significant snow, I reveled in a 2 mile hike from Galbraith Gap to Three Bridges Trail and back in Tussey Mountain.

         It was magical, delightful, just flat out awesome to be out in it while the snow was coming down! Although it was late afternoon until I embarked, I thoroughly enjoyed the Wintery stroll through twilight and into the dark, loving the cold air and snow upon my face.

         It is tough sometimes, dependent on the timing of the storm, to get out and have fun in the snowfall itself given the snow removal work that I do. (Well, I enjoy that too to be honest! :-)) But I hope to embrace more moments such as this as Winter rolls on... 

         After a good 19.5 hours of solid work removing snow on Sunday the 20th, then salting in the -18 degree wind chills of Monday the 21st and a blissful rest that night, I found a Winter Wonderland of a trail on the Jean Aaron Path from Bear Meadows Natural Area on Tuesday January 22nd! Trudging my way across the frozen swamp and rhododendron thicket from parking to the trail, I found myself amidst towering Hemlocks beckoning with their snow draped cloaks.

         I exposed my first two sheets of film in 2019 and despite the onset of dusk, decided to meander the 1.4 mile out and back through a forest full of Evergreen eye candy while the stars of the Winter sky twinkled high above. 


First Snowfall, First Hike of the New Year!

         We had our first snowfall of the young year here in central Pennsylvania this past Saturday night into Sunday morning, January 12th-13th! It may not have been anything crazy, but it provided about an inch to cover the ground and dust the tree branches with fluffy white powder.

         Subsequently, I got out for my first hike of the year as well on Sunday afternoon! Driving deep into Rothrock State Forest during a magical snow squall, I enjoyed a wonderous two and a half mile jaunt around Alan Seeger Natural Area, a first for me! (To all you locals - I know, and I am ashamed of this :-))

         For years I have heard of the magnificence and big, old-growth beauty of Alan Seeger. And again, it’s just another one of those places right in my back yard I had yet to explore. ..

         Well, I finally have and I immediately fell in love!  Amongst the abundant pine and fir trees, tower the predominant old Eastern Hemlocks with thick Oaks and other mixed hardwoods. Add Rhododendron tunnels galore and the most peaceful, crystal clear stream and this freshly snow dusted forest was nothing short of enchanting! It is a perfect Winter Wonderland full of Evergreen delights, and I believe I shall be going back often...


“A Thundering Silence”

         Six years ago this very day, I awoke for an hour long pre-dawn drive into the mountains in the hopes of the clearing storm creating some magic sunrise light...

         I ended up with my car stuck in the snow and with about a half-mile hoofing as fast as I could up the ridge line to where I needed to be. I can still hear the crunch of the frozen snow beneath my feet, feel the pounding of my heart and recall my excitement level ready to explode as I hurriedly set up in a thundering silence to capture the erupting glow of this moment. The stillness and deafening quiet of a Winter’s dawn after snowfall in the mountains never ceases to fill me with wonderous joy.

         The grand show lasted only a few minutes as pre-dawn’s breathtaking display gave way to more clouds and walls of gray. What I arrived just in time to witness, though, was nothing short of Nature’s magic.

         Side Note - This photograph is also January’s image in my Nature’s Grandeur 2019 Wall Calendar. I’m still taking orders for anyone still in want or need of a little monthly inspiration and organization! I also want to remind anyone who’s been kicking it around yet, that there are just a few days left to take advantage of my Holiday Savings offer! Use the link for details -


I hope everyone is having a brilliant start to the New Year! 


“A Thundering Silence”   -   Brandon Kline

A Year in the Life of a Forest

         In honor of the ending of 2018 and the beginning of a New Year, I thought I would share an accomplishment I am very proud of. I didn’t actually set out on this at the beginning of the year, rather it came to me probably about half-way in when I realized I had hiked on this same trail system every calendar month so far at that point. And I decided to make it a point to continue to see this little neck of woods at least once every month throughout 2018. And with a hike just the other day, I made good on my goal!

         Where, you ask? Well, it is a trail system easily accessible from Tussey Mountain near State College, PA. The trailhead connects to several different trails heading several different ways throughout Tussey Mountain, Rothrock State Forest, and Bear Meadows Natural Area, to name a few! This past January was the first time I ever stepped foot on any of these trails (believe it or not as it is so close to where I live!) And they came to be a great way for me to easily get out and enjoy Nature while keeping myself in good backpacking shape throughout the year! Galbraith Gap to the Lonberger Path to Three Bridges (out and back) to Spruce Gap, up to the Mid-State Trail became a sort of 3-5 mile, 800-1,100 foot elevation ascent/descent Mantra for me over the changing Seasons depending on how far I would explore each hike.

         Of the 184.9 logged miles I hiked/backpacked this year, almost 72 of them came on these trails. I just got done compiling 12 of my favorite moments, one to represent each month (and trust me, for more months than not, this was not an easy task for me!) Choosing one for each month just doesn’t seem to do justice to all the diversity and beauty I saw just within a 5 mile stretch of forest and mountain. I can confirm, though, that this excercise is an amazing way to begin truly recognizing Nature’s constant, changing (sometimes drastic and sometimes ever so subtle) Life Cycle. I could go on for quite some time about things I would notice day to day or week to week or month to month...

         Instead, I’ll just close by saying 2018 has been full of both accomplishments and “wish I could have done’s,” but overall I take a lot of good learned lessons from the year and I look to 2019 to grow and build on those, as I set my sights on many new adventures!  Ok, you may look at the pictures now... a few of which you just may see in the future as actual photographs ;-)

         I hope everyone’s Holiday Season has been truly brilliant and wishing a Happy New Year to you all! 



Howling at January’s Cold, Super Moon


Deep in a February Snow Storm


Admiring a Brilliant March Sunset After Fresh Snow


Damp, Earthy, Fresh April Fog


Vibrant Spring Green in May


Summer Solstice Evening Light on June’s Lush Green Forest and Mountain Laurel


Teeming Mid-Summer Forest with Rhododendron Blooms and Fireflies about to Glow in July


Blazing, Yet Waning Summer Sunset on the Forest in August


September’s Still Lush, but Slowly Fading Forest


Autumn’s Hues Aglow in the October Setting Sun


A Stunner Still Remains Amongst the Falling November Leaves


Clinging Snow in Higher Elevations on an Evergreen Lined December Pathway

Warm Holiday Wishes

         I’d just like to express my gratitude to all of my friends, family, and collectors out there for all of your love and support! I couldn’t do what I do without you!

          I hope your Holidays are warm and bright and wishing each and every one of you a Very Merry Christmas!!!🎄 😁

                                                  -  Brandon


2019 Nature’s Grandeur Calendar

         Looking for a little bit of Nature’s Inspiration for the upcoming year? Well, I am proud to present my first ever, self-designed Wall Calendar, which I am titling Nature’s Grandeur! I have completely designed every bit of this calendar myself and with the help of a local printing company, I can happily share it with you!

         The calendar is 8.5x11 inches, showcasing the beauty each month of the year has to offer (and with a few exceptions, photographs have been taken in the proper corresponding month, those that aren’t are very close)! I also had some fun researching significant dates and the calendar has several fun, noteworthy (in my opinion) observances to coincide with traditional federal and religious dates.  What about Moon Phases you ask?... Yep got ‘em! Add a little biographical info, Artist Statement tidbits, and a few pics of me doing what I love and that’s it in a nutshell. 

         The 2019 Nature’s Grandeur Wall Calendar is $17.50 flat rate (shipping factored into cost). Just give me a call or shoot me an email to place your order! I am accepting orders until January 11th, to coincide with my Holiday Savings Print sale! Below is the direct link for more information on the Artwork Discounts -




Winter Solstice Tidings!

          I sure hope some of you in various parts of the country that see this are having a more Wintery Solstice Day than we are here in Pennsylvania! It is pouring rain and temps are to hit high 50’s, even low 60’s in some parts. I’d gladly trade that in for feet of snow and high teens to low 30’s for this time of year! Oh well, it is to cool back down to closer to average in another day, Christmas looks crisp, and snow is seeming a possibility towards the New Year!

         I know for a lot of folks, Winter just isn’t “your thing” and that is ok. To each their own. Let me impart this upon you though - I have come to feel as I’ve grown older, an appreciation for Winter that rivals the excitement of snow days when I was a kid. What better time of year to allow yourself to slow down, not feel guilty about being cozy on the couch in pajamas reading books and watching movies? Maybe even beside a fireplace if you’re lucky! :-) Winter is a Season for the comforts of home. And at the same time, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast like me, it is a wonderful time to get out and experience peace and solitude like no other. Not to mention keep yourself in great shape for the upcoming Spring! Tell me, how much more comforting can the warmth of home get after a day out in the Winter elements?!

         What can I say, I love the best each Season has to offer... and to me, for Winter, that is cold, snowy, harsh, yet magically beautiful conditions! Something like this, that I, with childlike anticipation, awoke to one fine Christmas Morning! :-)

Wishing you all the Happiest Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas🎄❄️🌕☃️ 


“Christmas Morning”   -   Brandon Kline

Seasons Greetings!

         I hope you all are enjoying the Holiday Season thus far! I would like to apologize as I am releasing this a week later than I had planned. However, I am going to extend the promotion for an extra week than I had planned :-)

         In the spirit of the Holidays, I am happy to announce a print discount promotion and for the first time to the public - calendars! Yes, I do realize it is December 13th and unfortunately, this year, I cannot guarantee the artwork to be under your Christmas Tree for the big morning (unless I get an immediate response/request perhaps). But, I am going to run the deal through January 11th, so you have a full month to weigh out any decisions!

         First, the 2019 Nature’s Grandeur Calendar - $17.50 (flat rate, shipping included in price) If I have your request by this time next week (Thursday December 20th), you should have your calendar in time for the New Year! They will still be available through January 11th as well.

         And second, Prints (both Artist Proof and Limited Edition apply!) -  

Sizes 8x10 and 11x14 - Buy one, get one free! 

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         So check out the website and/or Use these three direct links for the Photograph Gallery, Print Pricing, Information, and visuals on Framing Styles




         Then give me a call or shoot me an email with what speaks to you. And as always, PLEASE feel free to ask any and all questions!!! I want you to understand the Quality of the Artwork, to get Exactly what you want, and to Love it!

My Very Best to You and Yours this Holiday Season, 

Brandon Kline


A nip in the air

         I hope everyone had a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving this past week/weekend!

         For all of you Northeasterner’s such as myself, how about this crisp late Autumn chill?! It is certainly not unheard of for us, but wow, not even December yet and already some significant snow and blustery cold air! Here in Pennsylvania, we went from a very late Fall color change and leaf loss to abrupt Winter-like weather which really accelerated things quick. We no sooner began to gather our leaves when we were preparing for up to a foot of snow! It is all part of the season, though, and I welcome it.

         I am happy to have enjoyed Autumn to the best extent that I could this year. And now, with Thanksgiving come and gone and December looming, I am preparing a few surprises for this Holiday Season. So keep an eye out for an email early next week, hint hint... ;-)

         Until then, in honor of November - a month when the rapidly shortening days and nip in the air brings the leaves a tumbling down. When we gather our bounties for a great feast and joyous family gatherings.


“When Leaves Come Tumbling Down”   -   Brandon Kline

...to a New Day Dawning

         Fast forward one year from when I captured “Find Your Way” and “Let Your Light Shine”... 

         I was delving deeper into my passion for the natural world than ever before and found myself on my second backpacking adventure. My brother had taken me out for my first experience that April, and boy did I fall in love with everything about it! Itching to get out again, I planned an itinerary in the Autumn for the two of us in Shenandoah National Park. Shenandoah was my first National Park, as I had driven through it on the way to his place that April. I chose it for this backpacking excursion because I really wanted to get out on the trails and into the Wilderness of the Park.

         Looking back on those four days, it is hard to put into words the spectrum of emotions I experienced, both physically and mentally. The diversity of Autumnal beauty we were immersed in as we hiked down and up and down and up in elevation was nothing short of spectacular!

         To say our third day was grueling is putting it mildly. I had planned a hike taking us approximately 8-9 miles while gaining over 2,000 feet of elevation change. As a fairly experienced backpacker now, I have since trekked more daunting tasks. But back then,  it almost broke me. I recall at one point, as we were hiking up the last leg of decent elevation gain on the Appalachian Trail en route to Hawksbill Mt., I was (in my head) yelling at myself to “enjoy this man, you are on the AT for the first time!” My body, dehydrated (as I had sucked through my water early) and exhausted, just wanted to fall over down the cliff side. By the time we got to the spring and then chose our camping area for the night, I was nearly in tears of joy for having made it. 

         I awoke pre-dawn as planned and continued the half-mile to Hawksbill Summit to catch the sunrise. All the aches and pains and struggles were, at the moment of the Sun breaking the horizon, justified into something more grand than I could have imagined. I told my brother, who had met me up there for the moment, that if this photograph came out right I was going to title it “Appreciation”. Appreciation, for what it takes to be out here, for the trials endured and embraced to witness such beauty, for the journey we travel to a new day dawning.

(part 3 of 3) 


 “Appreciation”   -   Brandon Kline

Rapid Progression

         Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw this out there before my next installment... My previous post (A Light in the Dark, part 2 of 3) featuring my photograph “Let Your Light Shine” showed up in my emails junk folder. So, I thought I’d write this in the event that anyone who sees this and perhaps missed one of the two previous, or both, to be sure to check your spam/junk folder! 

          That being said, look for part 3 in another day or two! But in the meantime, since you’re here after all, check this out... if you think things can’t happen fast when it comes to Autumn’s color charge, think again! These are taken 5 days in a row, from this past Thursday(Novemeber 1st) to today(Monday, November 5th). This big, beautiful Norway Maple sits right across the street from my childhood home and has provided many a wonderful memory in all seasons throughout my life :-)


Thursday, November 1st


Friday, November 2nd


Saturday, November 3rd


Sunday, November 4th


Monday, November 5th(wide scene) 


Monday, November 5th(close up) 

A Light in the Dark

         I won’t lie to you. Originally I was going to make part 2 of this idea largely about the historical aspect of my experience in New England this October. But, after realizing I have way to much I’d like to share from those weeks to condense it nicely into one blog, I have decided to save that for a separate idea. And, after reading over my last post, this all plays nicely into spotlighting a seldom featured photograph from my available collection.

         I exposed “Let Your Light Shine” just about two weeks after “Find Your Way”  and wouldn’t you know it, I was beginning to see the light... getting back into nature and what I love to do proved to be precisely what my mental state of mind needed. This scene was not a far drive from my house back then, and I used to love driving over the mountain and back (still do to be honest :-)) during peak Autumn foliage as this area can certainly light it up! 

         On this particular late afternoon, I found myself enjoying this little stretch on the mountainside as a gentle rain was letting up and although the Sun was not shining upon the scene, nature itself provided all the light I could have asked for. The utter brilliance of that Sugar Maple’s inner glow standing out proud amongst a lovely pallete of Autumnal hues in “gloomy” weather struck me so completely with everything else I was working through. 

         It is the light from within that is an iridescent beacon that needs no other source to highlight it. Be yourself, “let your light shine,” and it will guide your way...

(part 2 of 3, to be continued...) 


“Let Your Light Shine”   -   Brandon Kline

The Journey...

         Greetings everyone. Let me preface this by stating that if you are receiving this email it is because you have either signed up for my mailing list via online, at an art festival, or I have obtained it through a purchase or conversation at a festival. If you would like to be removed or compartmentalized into only updates about new image releases/upcoming festivals please just let me know. It is not my intention to bombard you with unwanted mail. It is my intention to share my thoughts on the beauty of the natural world and to keep all interested folks in the loop.  :-)

         That being said, welcome, and I hope this sees everyone enjoying the bounties of Autumn! I am currently trying to settle back into daily life after a beautiful, challenging, and thought-provoking three plus weeks in New England. The experience is reminding me of the deeper meaning behind one of my favorite Autumn photographs - “Find Your Way”.

         I think we can all relate to the fact, that sometimes, and sometimes more often than not, things don’t always go the way we envision or hope that they will play out. But it is in this simple unknowingness that life is so wonderfully exciting. Isn’t it, after all, the journey and not the destination that we ultimately recall with adventurous regale?... 

         When I captured this image years ago, I was “finding my way” through a tumultuous mental time in my life. As I sit here now, despite the seeming clarity of my chosen path combined with the happiness and love surrounding me, there is a realization that striving to grow in any manner will undoubtedly see us continually “finding our way.” Isn’t it these moments though, albeit at times uncomfortable or even eerie, that shape our most defining and beautiful stories?...

 (part 1 of 3, to be continued...)

“Find Your Way”   -   Brandon Kline

“Find Your Way”   -   Brandon Kline

Greetings/one more test

         So, for the handful of you who I hope receive this who signed up quite some time ago, I do apologize... Besides being guilty of neglecting this for too long, I recently realized that I had not properly linked my email lists with my campaigns so that you would actually receive my blog posts🤦‍♂️ 

         I think I have figured out the problem and I am sending this test out to a lucky 7 of you whom I know before I add a bunch of people who have been signing up during festivals. All I ask is that if you receive this and can take a second to reply/let me know you have, I will enormously appreciate it!

         I hope this sees everyone well and to get this ship ‘a’ sailing! For your troubles, please enjoy this magnificent, big old Oak tree that stopped me in my tracks this past week while in Mammoth Cave National Park, KY :-)


My best,


Testing new list setup

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Has it really been a year?!

         My how time flies... here I am at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts again, my first repeat festival. Yep, it's been a year since I left my life as I knew it for the festival road, my backpack, and the Nation's Park System!

         I've re-imagined my booth once again this season after some feedback from my past couple shows with what is in my means to currently do to create a simpler, less messy, and more elegant look.

         If you find yourself near State College, PA over the next 4 days, stop by and breathe in Mother Nature, I'd love to see you! 

                                         Brandon Kline


Back to business!

          Greetings from Muggy Massachusetts this fine 4th of July weekend folks! If you find yourself near Great Barrington, MA come on out to the Berkshires Arts Festival! And no matter what you are doing, please be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

         And I can't help but share this... a young lady just told me my makes her think of Ansel Adams... Ummmm, WOW!!! I can't think of a much finer compliment than that.


                                          Brandon Kline


Tidings from Kansas...

Hello friends,

         It feels it has been quite some time, and  well it has been a couple weeks or so since I last wrote here... for this moment, suffice it to say a lot has happened since I hit the road for Denver in early June! I will post more about the adventures and mishaps on the road next week when I have more down time. Currently I am getting ready to leave a lovely campground at Clinton State Park, Kansas near Kansas City as I make my way back to Pennsylvania.

         But, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi to everyone and a belated Happy Summer Solstice! I say it every year, and I don't plan on ever not, but I absolutely love this time of year, the energy and bounty of life is wonderful for the soul. I hope you all had, and are having, a great beginning to Summer!  

         As for me... I kicked off this plentiful season with my first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park! Camping the night before in Roosevelt National Forest and awaking pre-dawn to the alpenglow on Long's Peak, I made my way into the Park and to the Glacier Gorge Trailhead for roughly 7.5 miles throughout the morning, being caught in a Rocky Mountain daydream...